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Lavender Fields

Divine Project

Our first single premiered on Youtube May 7th at 5:00pm CDT.
"Mother" Featuring Alex Sharpe & Celestial Eden

I have been gathering a growing community of talented artists and song writers to create this beautiful project, DIVINE. We are writing uplifting music about our connection with God and our divine heritage, celebrating the cherished knowledge that we have loving heavenly parents, a divine Father and divine Mother. We are children of God (To learn more about this topic, click here to read the "Heavenly Parents" article.) We are currently in the writing stages, and coming in early 2024, we will be fundraising to record, produce, and distribute this music.

If you want to stay updated on DIVINE, subscribe below. 

We are looking for sponsors to help get this album off the ground! If you are interested or know someone who would be, email me at sirensongsmusic at gmail dot com.

Let's make this amazing!
Kristina A. Bishoff 

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