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O My Father, Invocation or the Eternal Father & Mother- Sheet Music & Music

O My Father, Invocation or the Eternal Father & Mother- Sheet Music & Music


Music files include: 48kHz wav, 44.1 wav, and mp3, and Instrumental version

Sheet music includes: Piano Vocal version, Piano Vocal Violin version, and Guitar Vocal Violin version


"O My Father, Invocation or the Eternal Father & Mother" arr. by Kristina A. Bishoff and Angie Killian, featuring Bryson Jones & Tierra Jones, Abby Elwood, and Julie Nelson.


This song was originally penned by Eliza R. Snow in 1845. Eliza felt inspired to write after learning the beautiful and simple truth of heavenly parents and her divine identity and destiny. These truths taught by the prophet, Joseph Smith, set fire to her heart as she couldn't hold in her excitement over the knowledge that she had a loving Heavenly Father & Heavenly Mother, and that she could become like Them someday.


Fun Fact: the violin part was written for this song as a nod to the pioneer lady and poet, Eliza R. Snow.


Special Thanks to the Generous Contributions of Sponsors who made project DIVINE a reality, making it possible to write, record, and film uplifting music about heavenly parents and our divine potential to become like Them. 


Musical Arrangement by Kristina A. Bishoff

Lyrics by Eliza R. Snow and Angie Killian


Tenor- Bryson Jones

Alto- Tierra Jones

Guitar- Abby Elwood

Violin- Julie Nelson


Mixed by Shane J. Stever
Mastered by Pablo Schuller at SchullerSound

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