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Journal of Hadriax- Exclusive Deleted Scene

Journal of Hadriax- Exclusive Deleted Scene


Included: Guitar Sheet Music, mp3, gold master wav, & art of Hadriax (by Madeline Shayne)


You won't find this music anywhere else!

This hypnotic and contemplative guitar piece was written for the First Rider's Call album but didn't make the cut. Why? Quite simply, the quality of the recording did not match the quality of the rest of the album. So after a lot of back and forth, the difficult decision to cut the song from the album was made. 

This song was inspired by the thought provoking journal entries of the character Hadriax el Fex from the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain. "Journal of Hadriax" is a mix of the mediterranian guitar style, a flare of hispanic flamenco, and ancient religious catholic guitar music.


Hadriax is from a different country and comes to the new land of Sacoridia with his best friend, the royal Alessandros Mornhavon, in order to tame the heathens and bring them to a knowledge of the one true God of the people of Arcosia. Then take the magic from Sacoridia and bring it back to Arcosia to save their people. Over the course of the journal entires, it shows the rise and fall of his intellgent and scheming friend from sanity into villanous and grotesque madness. Does he follow after his best friend, or does he betray him to his enemies the Sacoridians? Does he do what's right for Arcosia or Sacoridia? What is the right the thing?

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