The “First Rider’s Call” Book Soundtrack Project raised $ 57,000!!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Estimated release date: November 2021

For those who still want to get music, calendars, images, ornaments,

among other green rider things, go to:

Composer Kristina A. Bishoff is teaming up with Visual Artist Madeline Shayne to create another official book soundtrack for the New York Times bestselling fantasy series, Green Rider, written by Kristen Britain. They are producing an album and artbook inspired by the captivating world of First Rider's Call.  

This dynamic duo is kicking off a crowdsourcing campaign on March 20th- April 24th absolutely PACKED with delightful fantasy themed incentives and prizes, like: signed books, albums and artwork; custom songs; being part of the virtual choir to be featured on the album; the power to influence images and songs for the album; fantasy world inspired items; behind-the-scenes access; and even a tailored virtual concert for people who want to experience a powerful blend of magic and music in their own homes! This project looks like a wonderful way to join a quest and dive into a rich world with a fabulous community.


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